You get top value when using a Realtor to buy or sell a Comox Valley home

You get top value when using a Realtor to buy or sell a Comox Valley home


It’s true that anyone can look for a house, and even get a good peek inside, but unless you’re ready to make home buying or selling a part-time job, working with a professional Realtor is always the best way to go.

Buying and selling property is a complex process that can be stressful and time-consuming. An experienced real estate agent has the knowledge, skills, and connections to guide you through the process every step of the way. And, with today’s real estate market it has become more important to hire a Realtor to avoid losing money when you sell and find what you want to buy from slim inventory.



  1. Education. Realtors take extensive pre-licensing courses to obtain credentials to practice in real estate. They stay up-to-date with continuing education courses that upgrade their skills and knowledge on a broad range of real estate related issues.
  2. Experience. Realtors have knowledge and training in marketing strategy, negotiation tactics, and the workings of the current real estate market. They will guide you through the process, explain what to expect, inform you of your rights and responsibilities, and work with you to strategize the best moves. They will also discuss financing options and direct you to professionals that can help.
  3. Knowledge. A professional real estate agent will have a solid grasp of the current market conditions, building codes, and permits, and know where to obtain information on schools, crime, and demographics. They will also know how to price your home rightand have a network of reputable professionals to recommend for things like inspections, finances, and repairs.
  4. Best Price. Whether you’re buying or selling, a trained Realtor will have the skills and desire to fetch you the best price possible. They will use their knowledge of the current market, competition, and resources to help you to buy or sell successfully—with the least amount of stress. When selling, your Realtor will have access to a list of pre-screened and pre-qualified buyers serious about buying a home in your neighbourhood. When buying, your Realtor will work hard to find you a home within your budget, your neighbourhood, and your style.
  5. Negotiation Skills. Agents can negotiate well because they are emotionally removed from the sale. They have the knowledge and skills to draw up legally binding contracts, assist in offers and counter-offers, and offer counsel and perspective as you work toward your goal.
  6. Tackle paperwork. There’s a whole lot of paperwork when it comes to buying and selling property. A professional Realtor will save the day when it comes to all those documented transactions. They will also keep organized records of all documents and transactions for future reference should trouble arise. A good agent—like me—will be ready to assist with any issues or complications at any time.
  7. Ethical business practices. Licensed Realtors must adhere to the extensive Code of Ethics of the Canadian Real Estate Association. Your interests must always be first, and the agent must be registered under provincial law that governs how real estate can and cannot be traded.
  8. Staging experience. An experienced, knowledgeable Realtor—like me—will know how to make your house shine, and successfully sell it with a little elbow grease and a few minor changes like these. They’ll also be able to put you in touch with a list of local professionals that can help you out without busting the bank.



Whether you’re buying or selling a home, I have the training, the experience, and the desire to help you. My vast knowledge of the Comox Valley real estate market will help you get the best value from your real estate experience.

When you’re ready to buy or list a home, call me at 250.792.2776 or email tvincentrealty@gmail.com. With me, you’re never just another listing!