Dressing your Home for the Holidays

If your home is on the market this Christmas, you’ve got an extra bit of luck on your side thanks to the magic that holiday décor adds to a space.

We all have at least a few Christmas décor skeletons in our closets from that garish wall hanging from Aunt … Read More

interior view of a large barn

What to Know about Buying Rural

If the thought of having a large space with plenty of room to expand, nights in front of a cozy bonfire, raising livestock, and enjoying the country life appeals to you, read on to learn more about how to find the perfect acreage, and how to ensure you know … Read More

Why Sell in Autumn?

At first glance, autumn doesn’t seem like the ideal time to sell, but it can be quite beneficial to stay on the market or to relist your home in the fall months. If a home didn’t sell during the summer for whatever reason, it may be available at a … Read More

Staging Your Home

Five Reasons to List your Home This Spring

The warmer season’s clearly delayed this year, but you can still see signs that brighter (and drier) days are ahead; daffodils are up, robins are hunting for worms, and house hunters

are eagerly writing up their wish lists. Spring has long been the peak season for a change of address, and it’s no secret … Read More

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Is Your Home Worth More Than You Think?

If you’re a homeowner, you’re familiar with the Property Assessment notice that lands in your mailbox each winter. You may be surprised to learn that this number is merely a vague estimate of your home’s worth. Given that the figures are calculated by July 1st each year, long before … Read More

Gold Savings Bank - Saving for downpayment on a home

Need a Downpayment for a Home?

If you’ve decided that it’s time to get into homeownership, you are going to need a down payment. Coming up with enough funds for a down payment can be overwhelming, especially if you are starting to save from scratch.

Don’t give … Read More