What to Know about Buying Rural

interior view of a large barn

What to Know about Buying Rural

If the thought of having a large space with plenty of room to expand, nights in front of a cozy bonfire, raising livestock, and enjoying the country life appeals to you, read on to learn more about how to find the perfect acreage, and how to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting:

Lower property taxes

Even on an acreage where the size of your yard far outstretches what you’d get within city limits, rural property taxes tend to be lower since you have fewer amenities and may rely on a well and septic system, rather than city water and sewage. In some locations, you may not even have trash pickup—an easy workaround, but ideal to know beforehand.

Lower home prices

Lower prices further away from the city allows you to upgrade from a 2 bed, 2 bath, all the way to a 5 bed, 3 bath (or larger) home on the same budget. Your mortgage can be paid off sooner, with the option to rent out guesthouses for additional cash flow.


Although you might be paying less for property taxes, be prepared to spend more on maintenance from time to time, and always keep an emergency fund on hand for any unforeseen issues with a well and/or septic system. Well-built and developed systems will last for many years without any issue, but it’s important to do regular maintenance, have the water quality tested annually, replace all water filters according to manufacturer instructions, and have your septic tanks pumped out at least every five years. When your systems are well taken care of, you’ll hardly notice them at all. It goes without saying that everything should be thoroughly inspected prior to closing.

Ensure the property works for your needs

It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of your own little homestead, whether you’re looking at 2 or 22 acres. Ensure that you’re aware of any low lying areas, flood plains, bedrock, or other areas that may make it difficult to develop as you imagined. For instance, a large area of bedrock will make it impossible to plant fruit trees, but it will work well for a shed or outbuilding, as long as the area is level. Know which areas receive the most sun, and which areas can house livestock securely. If you plan on raising chickens and ducks, look for a protected area within view of the house that can be properly secured to protect the birds from predators.

Know the rules for keeping livestock

Ensure that you’re aware of all special requirements for horses, pigs, goats, cows, and other livestock from how many animals you may keep on the property, to requirements for barns, manure storage requirements, and minimum setbacks for all outbuildings. If the property is already set up for livestock, have all outbuildings, enclosures, feeders, and equipment thoroughly checked.

Work with what you’ve got and highlight extra special areas

Focus on areas in the home that you want to stand out, like a big bay window or river rock fireplace. Try an evergreen garland or small tasteful display of your favourite figurines to really bring out that natural beauty.

Following these basic guidelines can ensure that your move to rural life is as smooth as possible. Country living can be quite blissful and excellent for your physical and mental health since there’s always plenty to do, many new opportunities for side income and many new skills to master. Before long, you may find yourself working in a rambling veggie garden, and collecting wild seasonal berries before you settle in for a bonfire underneath an impossibly starry sky. There’s certainly a lot to consider, but it’s not nearly as daunting as you might imagine. If you’re prepared to put some elbow grease into maintaining a larger property and aspire to live a simpler life, rural just might be the perfect choice. Imagine a day spent cultivating vegetables, collecting eggs from chickens, and taking your horse for a meander down a nearby trail and settling in underneath an impossibly starry sky. Does that sound good to you? You’re faced with many buying decisions when it comes time to look for a home, and rural properties are no exception. Rely on my many years of expertise and market knowledge.

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