Five Reasons to List your Home This Spring

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Five Reasons to List your Home This Spring

The warmer season’s clearly delayed this year, but you can still see signs that brighter (and drier) days are ahead; daffodils are up, robins are hunting for worms, and house hunters

are eagerly writing up their wish lists. Spring has long been the peak season for a change of address, and it’s no secret why it makes sense to sell now —Warmer, brighter days awaken a desire to start fresh and for many, that means relocating.

This season, gardens in bloom and homes brightened by the sun are extra appealing to buyers, who view homes with proverbial rose-coloured glasses on sunnier days. Think of how much more welcoming your own home looks during a bright day, compared to a drizzly and miserable mess of a day.

There’s also a lot more choice in a busier market, and homes tend to sell faster because there are more eyes on the property. Sometimes, buyers have just received a tax refund, which they may just want to put towards the purchase of a new home (yours!) There’s also the simple fact that for families with school-aged children, it makes sense to move between school years to avoid having to adjust to a move and/or new school in the middle of the year.

At the end of the day, buyers want to close the deals on their new homes and be moved in and unpacked in time for planned summer vacations. Sellers want the same thing. After all, no one wants to go on holiday worrying about potential missed opportunities, or needing to stay connected to their realtor or mortgage broker while they should be soaking in the sun at a beachfront cabin somewhere.

The chart below shows how home sales peak in the spring and early summer:

To recap:

  1. Spring weather and lively gardens make homes more appealing to buyers
  2. More activity on the market means more potential buyers
  3. Tax time! Buyers may have a tax refund to use towards a home purchase
  4. Families want to avoid moving in the middle of a school year (buy in spring and close in early summer)
  5. Homes tend to sell faster with more offers


Maybe you’ve seen your dream home listed and are considering going for it. Maybe during spring cleaning you realized that you have too many things and too little space, and the walls are closing in.  Or maybe the kids are finally grown and flown and you’re ready to downsize to something more suited to your busy post-retirement lifestyle.

If you’re considering making this the year you sell your home, give me a call or send a note. I’d love to hear from you and make your vision a reality. I have the experience to position your home and sell it fast. I work hard to ensure you get the right price for your home by using a combination of traditional real estate services and modern, innovative marketing. I happily serve sellers in the Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland, and Campbell River real estate markets. I’m also a Brookfield Relocation Specialist authorized to help members of the military and RCMP transferring from the Comox Valley.

Let’s get your property on the market and sold! Contact me at 250.792.2776 or email tvincentrealty@gmail.comfor a no-obligation consultation.

I look forward to helping you successfully sell your property today!