6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Clean Between Showings!

6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Clean Between Showings!

When your home is on the market, the goal is to make it as attractive as possible-and keep it that way for every showing. Having a house that sparkles every day is a lot of work, but essential to the successful sale of your home.

Start with a clean and clutter free space. These no-fail home staging tips will have your home looking like every dollar it’s worth and make it easier to keep things clean and tidy between showings.

These six tips are easy to follow and will keep your house ready for each and every showing—whether they are scheduled or a last minute request.

Stay on top of the dirtiest areas

The rooms used the most are often the dirtiest. Keep your kitchen and bathroom countertops clean and clear. Store non-essential items in storage containers and wipe all surfaces daily.

In the kitchen, only keep out appliances that are clean and essential. Anything that isn’t used daily and adds clutter to your counter tops should be placed in a cupboard or stored away. For each showing, make sure hand and tea towels are clean and stain free. It’s also important to leave the sink empty and squeaky clean.

In the bathroom, the same deal applies- keep all surfaces clean and clutter free. Put away the blow dryers, curling irons, and hair accessories. Make sure that toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairbrushes and skincare products are out of sight. Display only crisp, clean towels and leave out unused soap on a clean dish. If you have more than one bathroom in your home, think about using only one designated bathroom daily to alleviate the need to scrub and scour two or three toilets and tubs before each showing.

Take out the trash

Potential home buyers will be deterred by offensive odours. Empty kitchen and bathroom garbage daily, leaving clean and odour free containers. Also make sure that your compost and recycling is under control.

Don’t put off laundry

Life is busy and laundry piles up. When your house is up for sale, it’s important to avoid piles of dirty laundry left in hampers and on bedroom floors. Get in the habit of washing, drying, folding, and put away to avoid leaving clean laundry in your dryer. If they are part of the sale, buyers will be curious and look inside your washer and dryer, so keep them empty. Plus, would you like strangers looking at your unmentionables?!

Make your bed(s)

Not everyone finds the need to make their bed every morning. When showing a home, it’s important to avoid rumpled sheets and pillows tossed on the floor. Get in the habit of making your bed first thing every morning, and it will quickly become a welcome addition to your morning routine. This means the kid’s rooms too!

Get your kids involved

If you have them, you know they love to make messes. Adjust your expectation according to their ages, but it takes teamwork to keep a home clean—especially when it comes to Lego! Set up daily cleaning routines to help your kids keep their spaces in check. This will drastically cut your amount of work, and help keep a little sanity intact.

Clean as you go

Don’t leave messes for later. Get in the habit of loading the dishwasher after each meal to avoid dirty dishes in the sink; sweeping or vacuuming pet hair and bits of dirt and crumbs throughout the day; putting away toys after use; and sorting daily mail, newspapers, and other paperwork every day.

Yes, it is inconvenient making sure that your home sparkles for strangers at any given moment. I understand that it’s a challenge—especially if you have pets and kids. But having a clean and presentable home for each showing will help you sell your home.

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