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No matter how many times you’ve done it, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned home-buying pro, purchasing a home is always one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences you will live through. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like buying a home; it’s easily the biggest purchase you will make. Rest assured that my years of local knowledge in the Comox Valley and real estate expertise will guide you through the process calmly and professionally. I want to ensure you have the best home buying  experience possible.  Don’t worry, it will still be very exciting!

I will work hard to negotiate the fairest price for your Comox Valley real estate purchase. My business is built on honesty and integrity, and I deliver this in a low-pressure environment that matches your home purchase as accurately as possible to your wish list. My reputation and years of successful real estate transactions are fulfilled by listening to my clients needs and providing excellent customer service.

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5 Things Buyers Should Know

When buying a home, there are a multitude of factors to consider. From knowing how much money you have available to spend, to needing specific closing dates on the sale, I’ve seen just about every scenario and can help you navigate the obstacles to achieve success. Here are 5 things to consider when buying a home:

1. Money!
How much money is realistic for you to spend on your real estate purchase? I work with mortgage specialists that can sit down with you and help determine the price range you are comfortable with.

2. Get Legal!
The Comox Valley has excellent lawyers and notaries that I work with regularly. They will help you cross the t’s and dot the i’s to eliminate any surprises that you simply don’t need to worry about in a transaction as significant as this.

3. Making an Offer is a Process and My Job is to Help you Through it!
If you’re ready to make an offer, I will guide you through the offer sheet and help you make the best offer possible based on current market conditions. As this is a negotiation, offers aren’t always accepted so my aim through the process is to get your house at a price that works for you, the buyer.

4. Weigh Your Needs vs Your Wants
There is a big difference between what you need in your home vs what you may want. Always go into each real estate transaction with a realistic frame of mind to avoid let downs. Remember, I’m there to help keep you on track and nail down your needs. I will work as hard as I can to include some wants as well!

5. Expenses in Your Real Estate Transaction
When buying a home, you don’t pay real estate fees, that’s the good news. What you also need to know is the list of potential fees that come with buying a home. These include building inspections, legal fees, property tax, home insurance, property transfer tax and possibly much more. These additional expenses can add quickly! I am here to help you figure out the potential additional costs involved in buying your new home. In addition to that, I am an excellent resource and can point you in the right direction for the Comox Valley’s best mortgage brokers, home inspectors, water and septic testers, and more!


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